All Things Careers Virtual Work Experience Workshop


Parents -Feb Half Term is looming. Online work experience will give your teen something purposeful to do and enhance their CV at the same time.

Students -  You don't have to hunt down work experience. Just select the opportunity that interests you and apply.  

Take advantage of virtual opportunities which are open and available NOW.

= free directory of weblinks to virtual work experience when you book for the workshop=

Let me show you the secrets to success, research tips & applications.
Learn all you need to know from a school work experience coordinator.

After this event parents and teens will know how to:

  • Identify opportunities to leverage work experience during a pandemic
  • Create a CV and Covering Letter to ensure maximum impact
  • Use Informational Interviews to support work experience and show initiative to potential universities and employers

Get ahead of the competition

  • Enhance a uni personal statement with solid work experience.

  • Demonstrate resilience and resolve in future interviews.

  • Develop employability skills and industry insights.


27th January 2021 at 7.30pm


Our workshops are aimed at 13 - 19 years olds and their parents.  We encourage parents to join in and if that isn't possible at least be in the room so you can listen to the advice being given.

The GCSE choices workshop was so informative and answered all my questions about supporting my child with their GCSE choices. I appreciated having somewhere to go as the school didn't offer information like this for the parents. 


"I like how it helped me to think about what I could do with the subjects I liked.  I didn't know about all the future choices I had and I feel better about choosing GCSEs that I will help me choose a career without narrowing my options.


I had no idea that school careers advice could be so complex and don't get me started on the information that I didn't know existed either!  I am so pleased I signed up for a careers appointment as my son now has a detailed plan of what to aim for next.


Hi, I'm Susan Smith

Careers Coach & Employability Expert
Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance,  
Registered Professional with Career Development Institute,

For over 25 years I have worked with university and school students to support informed and successful career decisions.   I also work closely with employers and graduate recruiters and understand how our teens and graduates need to be marketing themselves on paper and in person.   I have coordinated and delivered the work experience programme at my secondary school for the last six years and know what it takes to research and secure excellent work experience. During the 'new normal' there are some very exciting work experience opportunities which I want to share with you. Join me to learn more.